artists' book


Extraterrestrial Gutter was developed during an art school trip to Paris. I remember walking around with this wooden board, from a Max Beckmann exhibition at the top floor of Centre Pompidou to a mind-blowing Matthew Barney show at Musée d'Art Moderne. Everywhere we went the board joined us: into the metro, while having pizza or during a stroll along the Seine. Our class traversed the city and I kept looking for these weird objects, of which I didn’t yet have a clue what they were good for. Back in Amsterdam I developed the photos and on a hung-over Sunday afternoon I made the book. At school it was well-received: my teacher Paul Kooiker wanted to buy it for a 100 euros, but I turned his offer down..

Leporello, 16 x 32 cm in folded state

Edition of 1 (not for sale)