in collaboration with jasper coppes

Waar, Amsterdam, 2011

Upon invitation of artist Gerbrand Burger, Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff developed the one-day exhibition A clear black market, Een heldere zwarte nacht for Burger’s hangar-studio in the harbour area of Amsterdam. Visitors arrived in this huge space, to only find tiny stones (varying form a piece of the moon, to a nuclear test remnant) presented on a ten metre long display on the ground. Even though each of these stones had their specific value, the presentation somehow created an underwhelming, almost suspense-like tension between the space, the stones and the audience. Until quite suddenly the performance Traumgesicht (after Dürer) started. The hangar doors were opened, a concreted wall was revealed and a slowly building up, seven minute short sound explosion of rain, thunder, airplane-, railroad- and other industrial noises was projected into the space. This accumulation appeared from ‘nowhere’, its source remained hidden, and ‘disappeared’ as easily as it came; leaving the audience once again alone with the huge space and tiny stones.

As a backdrop and binding piece for the two works Coppes and Verhoeff compiled a booklet with short fragments of texts by Chris Burden, Jasper Coppes, Ludwig Fisher, Michihiko Hachiya, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Karl Kraus, Giacomo Leopardi, Francis Ponge, Ralph E. Pray, Stijn Verhoeff and Robert Walser. The booklet was designed by Paul Gangloff.

Installation view Landscape of Impossibilities by Jasper Coppes.

Detail of Landscape of Impossibilities by Jasper Coppes.

One-day exhibition with Jasper Coppes, including the audio performance Traumgesicht (After Dürer), the installation Landscape of Impossibilities by Jasper Coppes and the collaborative booklet A clear black market, Een heldere zwarte nacht.

Audio Traumgesicht (After Dürer)

A clear black market, Een heldere zwarte nacht