in collaboration with för künkel, sjoerd leijten, malu peeters

Lûd, Rijsterbos, 2018

Specifically for the outdoor audio exhibition Lûd at Rijsterbos, we attuned, together with För Künkel, our audio work De toekomst ligt in zee. The site specific installation features in an exhibition with artists Uri Aran, Cecilia Bengtsson, Cilia Erens, Dora GarcĂ­a / Jan Mech, Bouke Groen, Voebe de Gruyter, Florian Hecker, Edwin van der Heide, Saskia Janssen, Laura Maes, Matt Mullican, Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven, Falke Pisano, Ramon van de Werken and Peter Zegveld.

De toekomst ligt in zee is a dreamy and poetic trip through an imaginative landscape. Atmospheric sounds fill the space, at times imaginative, at times raw and harsh. Various voices (female, male, soft, sharp) rise up from the landscape. Three stories are told, a fourth voice brings the stories together. Like paintings-in-time the stories come to life. Like in a film the listener travels to and through places she or he has not yet been before.

Three channel sound installation
One-hour audio work

Written and directed by Stijn Verhoeff
Voice recordings and sound design by Malu Peeters
Music and sound design by Sjoerd Leijten
Voices Roberta Petzoldt, Maarten Pieterson, Caroline Ruijgrok, Yvo Sprey and Stijn Verhoeff

Best experience with headphones or on a proper hifi installation.