novel in collaboration with jasper coppes


‘I think international. Historical. Phenomenological. Physical. Engaged. Scientific. Semantic. Allegoric. Logic. You name it, I think of it, I think about it. But ideally, and that probably won’t surprise you, I would love to put an end to the incessant flow of thought. I’m kind of done with it. I would much rather immerse myself in silliness.’

Two writers, one I. With Scharrelaar // It is a roller Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff have jointly engaged in this experiment. In a series of ordinary though weighty notes, a versatile figure emerges. At his house in the countryside he reflects on the past and thinks about the present. He wanders through the wet grass in his cotton slippers, from the kitchen window he keeps a close watch on his garden. Through the course of a single day we follow the thought trails of this ‘neurotic thinker’ as he strolls around on his property and surrounding. But by the end of the day his world seems to be somewhat different from what was initially thought.

Written by Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff
Design by Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff
Softcover with bookmark
75 pages, 16 x 32 cm
Text in Dutch or English

Unlimited edition

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