in collaboration with jasper coppes

New Shelter Plan, Copenhague, 2014

The exhibition All the way back is the final result of a series of consecutive works. In 2012 Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff wrote Scharrelaar // It is a roller, a novel about a man in the countryside. In this story the reader experiences the meandering mind of the protagonist, while he is wondering around his garden and house. As some sort of sequel to the novel Coppes and Verhoeff developed the short film Uit de lucht gegrepen, which brought some of this mans activities on screen. The exhibition All the way back goes a step further and materialises the inner-world of the protagonist by loosely mirroring the settings of the film. The film itself is presented in the exhibition, creating a weird doubling of worlds.

An interview by Maria Bordorff for Kopenhagen Magasin gives more insight into the collaborative and inter-disciplinary process.

Installation with film, concrete sculptures, shelves, tripod lamps, blue-printed postcards, berch trees, red sticks, towels, plaster boards, wall drawings, a table with chairs and three radio-interviews.